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CHURCH STAFF: Pastor-Randy Carrion, Secretary-Chelsea Hartman, Choir Director-Chelsea Hartman

Handbell Director-Jeanne Jones (n/e) Organist-Barry Johnson, Pianist-Chelsea Hartman, Nursery Worker-Dawn Stanley, Custodian-Darlen Sumrall, Lawn Maintenance-Treyson Stockton



Required by the BOD: (9)

Chair, Church Council (252.a) Ginny Anglin 2017

Lay Leader (251.1a-251.1f,252.5b) Ricky Tate 2016

Chair, Staff-Parish Relations (258.2,251) Carol Smith 2017

Chair, Finance (252.5d,259.4) Co-Chairs 2017 Jackie Davis, Jerry Stewart

Chair, Trustee (252.5e,259.3) TBE 2017

Church Treasurer (252.5f,259.4b) Karen Miller 2019

Lay Member to A C (251.2,252.5g) Ginny Anglin 2016

President, Methodist Men’s group (252.5h) Ricky Tate 2016

Pastor (252.5k) Rev. Randy Carrion (n/a)

Additional selected by the Church Conference: (16)

Vice Chair, Church Council Bob Fisher 2017

Chair, Christian Education (252.2a) Team Leaders 2018 T. Schreiber, D. Munoz

Chair, Evangelism (252.2a) Team Leaders 2017 S. Fisher, J. Forsythe,

Chair, Memorials Carol Smith 2017

Chair, Outreach (252.2b) Team Leaders ` 2017 D. Schreiber,

Chair, Stewardship (252.2a) Pastor 2017

Chair, Worship (252.2a) Dee Turner 2017

Chair, Family Ministries (252.2a) Ginny Anglin 2017

United Methodist Youth representative (252.5j) N/A

COF Estate Sale Committee representative (252.2b) Ginny Anglin 2017

Chair, Building & Grounds (252.5e) TBE 2017

Financial Secretary (259.4) Jackie Davis 2017

Recording Secretary of the Church Council Joan Moore 2017

Membership Secretary (230, 231, 233, 2343) Jeanne Jones 2017

Alternate Lay Mbr. To Annual Conference (251.2) 2017

Librarian Edith Tutt, (n/a) Don Shreiber (n/a)


Sub Committee on Long-Range Planning

Chair, Council Ginny Anglin Chair, Evangelism Team Leaders

Vice Chair, Council Bob Fisher Chair, Education Team Leaders

Chair, Finance Jackie Davis, Jerry Stewart Chair, Outreach Team Leaders

Chair, Worship Dee Turner Chair, Family Life Ginny Anglin

Chair, Trustee (committee elected) Lay Leader Ricky Tate

Chair, Bldg.&Grounds (committee elected) Pastor Rev. Randy Carrion


Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominating Committee) (244,251.1c,259.1) (6)

Ex Officio – Chair-Pastor: Lay Leader: ^ 1 member shall be a young adult (19-29), if possible, from the congregation

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Wayne Tutt              Bob Fisher               Dave Jones

Trish Schreiber         Chuck Cox


Staff-Parish Relations Committee (6)

Ex Officio: Pastor, Lay Leader, Lay Delegate ( 1 member shall be a young adult (19-29) if possible)

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Carol Smith-Chair      Debbie Cox              Scott Miller

Barney Gaspard        Jackie Priddy

Family Ministries Committee Chair – Ginny Anglin, Jack Pedigo, Alberta Pedigo, Carol Smith, Betty Barbee, Jan Wright, Sandra Gaspard, Joan Moore, Jackie Priddy, Edith Tutt, Janie Meredith, Sally Griffin, Jean Green, Gloria Brewer, Karyn Erickson, Teresa Sanner, Jane Forsythe, Wilma Walton, Karen Miller, Rick Moore, Wayne Tutt, Duane Bales, Mary Jo Bales

Committee on Finance (11)                                                Sub-Committee on Memorials (6)

Finance Chair Jackie D., Jerry S 2019                                    Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Lay Leader Ricky Tate 2017                                                 Delissa Munoz            CarolSmith-Ch             Betty Barbee

Lay Member to A C Ginny Anglin 2017                                   Sue Fisher                 Jan Wright                  Madell Jornet

Church Council Chair Ginny Anglin 2018

Staff-Parish Representative Carol Smith 2017                         Sub-Committee on Electronics & Sound (7)

Trustees Representative Rick Moore 2017                              Chair - Frank Moore, Chuck Cox, Rob Rosetta, Wayne

Stewardship Chair Pastor 2017                                             Tutt, Gary Wornick, Zachary Cheney, Noah (Brewer),

Financial Secretary Jackie Davis 2017                                    Art Walton, Bill Green, Ricky Tate, Noah

Church Treasurer Karen Miller 2019

Building and Grounds Chuck Cox 2017

Pastor Rev. Randy Carrion N/A


Christian Education (9)

Ex Officio: Pastor,

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Pam Cone                Delissa Munoz-T       Edith Tutt

Debbie Cox              Trish Schreiber-T      Don Schreiber

Kathlynn Shultz        Barry Johnson


Evangelism/Assimilation Committee (9)

Ex Officio: Pastor Volunteer Visitors: Dave Jeanne Jones, Volunteer Baker: Marilyn Woodrom

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Sue Fisher-T            Wayne Tutt              Jane Forsythe-T

Alberta Pedigo         Edith Tutt                 Jackie Priddy

Sally Griffin             Wilma Walton


Outreach (6)

Ex Officio: Pastor

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Rob Brewer             Dave Jones              Don Schreiber

Gloria Brewer          Scott Miller               Lisa Keltz


Worship Committee (6)

Ex Officio: Pastor, Altar Guild-Dee Turner, Communion Stewards-Turners

Usher Coordinator-SS Classes, Lectors-Lector Schedule

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Dee Turner              Jack Pedigo             Jann Stewart

Rob Rosetta             Jan Smith



Board of Trustees (258.3) (6)

Ex Officio: Pastor, Chair elected by Comm. at first meeting

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Jesse Munoz             Rick Moore              Wayne Tutt_

Bob Fisher


Sub-Committee on Buildings & Grounds (6)

Fountain Maintenance-Chuck Cox, Chair elected at first mtg.

Class of 2017           Class of 2018           Class of 2019

Roland Priddy           Robert Gilbert          Jack Pedigo

Chuck Cox               Harold Woodrom       Rob Rosetta


Other Volunteers

Historical Committee: Chair - Sandra Gaspard, Betty Barbee Melissa Moore, Jan Wright

Incorporation Registered Agent: Barney Gaspard

Prayer Team- Jan Wright-Coordinator, Sandra Gaspard, Jane Forsythe, Paula Seiley

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