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In place of Holy Week events at the church we are offering you the opportunity to experience some Holy Week activities right here on our webpage.  Everyday during Holy Week you can click on the story for that day and experience the last days of Jesus from a different perspective.  For example, if you click on Palm Sunday you will hear the events of that day from the perspective of the man who let Jesus use his donkey. (I hope you are intrigued!)

Sunday        -    Palm Sunday - The Need

Monday       -    Fig Monday: Seven Miraculous Signs

Tuesday      -    Holy Tuesday - Andrew

Wednesday -    Spy Wednesday - Judas

Thursday     -    1 - Maundy Thursday - Vine, Branches, Fruit & Leaves

                       2 - Messiah In The Passover

Friday          -    Good Friday - Peter and Pilate

Saturday     -    Black Saturday - The Last Day

Sunday        -    Easter Sunday - Resurrection

What Happens Next - Acts

Easter Sunday passes. The Light we felt singing the old hymns and new worship songs may still echo, but the hard realities of uncertainty is pressing on every side.

There has never been a better time.

Matt. 28 (NIV) shows that Jesus promised the Church after Easter, "... surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Hearts are being shaken like never before and people are looking for insight, wisdom, and the disciples of Jesus to Take Action.

Take action and watch the EYEWITNESS BIBLE SERIES' Acts video narrative.

Note: On each of the videos there is a Study Guide Download button below the video screen.


To Watch the Videos

Click on Links on the right 01 - 18

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